utorok 13. decembra 2011

Christmas Giveaway at Parfait Doll

 Hello! ^^ 
just letting you know that Victoria Suzanne from Parfait Doll and Tokyo Hardcore are organizing together a very beautiful giveaway!
There are so many cute things, I'm gonna die! ~>o<~

One day, when I'll have more followers I'll organize a giveaway too! ^^

good luck to everyone!

PS: I hope you all had beautiful International Lolita Day last weekend! <3

piatok 2. decembra 2011

Eat an apple get a prince

At least in Snow White's case it was true x)

Last days I started to be a bit obsessed by this magical fruit, so I did some research to find something new about it. And maybe to discover Snow White's beauty secret ;)
Autumn and also winter are main seasons for apples and apple goodies. Let's face some basic facts:
  • Apple contains vitamin C, fiber, antioxidants, minerals and unsaturated fats.
  •  Red apples are good for heart, memory function, lower risk of some cancers and to maintain urinary tract health.
  • Yellow apples are good for eyes and heart, immune system and reduce risk of some cancers
  • Green apples are good for strong bones and teeth and contains most vitamin C
  •  The pectin in apples helps to neutralize food odors and fruit acid cleans your teeth like chewing gum.
  • Apples also help reduce blood sugar, the amount of harmful fatty acids and cholesterol.
  • Apple peel is also very important, because healthy active substances are hidden directly underneath. 
"An apple a day keeps the doctor away"  is right than, isn't it? But eating only raw apples all the time becomes quite monotonous after a while. I found some recipes, that I already tested and were fantastic!

Apple in Bathrobe 
It's quick and easy recipe  and really everybody can do it! ^__^
We need just package of puff pastry, 3-5 apples, cinnamon, nuts and egg.
Peel apples and cut them in halves or into quarters. Take your dough and roll it out a bit bigger and thinner. Than cut it in 9 bigger or 12 smaller squares, it depends on how big apples are. It's better, if you work with cold dough from the fridge. Otherwise, it becomes too soft and sticky and incredibly hard to work with. Take apples and sprinkle on them a bit cinnamon. If they are not sweet enough you can add extra sugar or honey. I just love combination of apples, cinnamon and honey. They are like complete family together. So yum! ^^
Wrap apples to dough. Whisk egg yolk and brush every piece with it. You can add some chopped nuts like almonds or hazelnuts. It's up to you and your taste. ^^ Put in oven preheated to 150 °C for 20-30 min. Enjoy with cup of hot tea! ^^

Caramel Apples
For this yummy sweet you need only about 6 apples, 1 package of individually wrapped caramels, 2 tablespoons milk and some wooden craft sticks.
Wash apples, remove stems and press a craft sticks into the top. Than put them in fridge - they need to be very cold to help set caramel. Put caramels and milk in microwave safe bowl, and microwave for 1 minute. Than stir well and again in microw. for 30 seconds, or longer as needed. Let it cool briefly. Roll each apple quickly in caramel sauce until well coated. Put them on waxpaper or buttered baking sheet, because caramel is very sticky. Decorate with some sprinkles, nuts or M&M's.
Attention! It's highly addictive! x) 

Another great use of apple are natural facial masks! Apple itself has great hydrating and refreshing effects. It contain bioactive substances, that suppress inflammatory processes in the skin.

For oily skin...
Mix grated apple, white yogurt, honey, cinnamon and oatmeal (everything in appropriate amount). Apply on your face and let it be for 20 minutes. This mask has antiseptic effects and cleans and tightens pores.

Against pimples...
Grated apple mix with honey and apply on your face, especially in places where the acne is, and let it dry.

Apples and Lolita 

Apple print is not really common thing in lolita world. Much more popular fruit prints are with strawberries and cherries. But, of course, there are some lucky finds:
 Metamorphose Apple print

Innocent World Nicholaus Fruit

Metamorphose Tales of Wood

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Snow White

...and of course many accessories, even offbrand! ^^ One can experiment with this quite common thema a lot. Try to paint apples on your nails, or put some tiny apple detail to your casual outfit, like hairclip or necklace. Just have fun with this symbol of love, health and immortality!

I think that' all about this king of fruits (in a bit Snow White's spirit (x ). Thank you very much for reading, I hope you like it! And I'm sorry for not posting so often. My work takes almost all my free time! But I like it very much! ^^ I work in an bio-grocery shop, and it's really great. I learnt many new things about healthy lifestyle, which I prefer, and I try to eat healthy myself. Maybe I'll write something more about it later ^^
Bye for now! ^__~

(PS. I don't own any of these pictures, they were found on the internet. ^__^)

streda 9. novembra 2011

Fluffy bag Charm

Hello my pretties!
Since Halloween is gone there wasn't anything new here! I started my very first part-time work, so sadly I don't have much of free time. But yesterday I finally found some leisure time and I made just a quick project I was laying aside a while.
I made a cute fluffy tail charm on a bag.
I know that it's not a novelty and there are many things like that in almost every fashion shop...outland. Here in Slovakia I didn't find anything like that.
When I mentioned, that I'm searching for something like that in front of my grandma, she told me she has many fur things in the cellar.

So I got my cute, fluffy, soft  tail! I do better not think about what it is from and if it was alive before. Sometimes unknowing is the best thing! ˘__˘

I took some ribbons for a bow and pearls,

Making the bow...

...adding pearls, 

and sew it on the tail.

 Take this thing (I know my vocabulary is perfect! x) )

and sew it between two leather parts.

Tadaaa! Quick, cute an easy! ^__^  I think I love it! He definitely needs a name! He has character! xD

Now I just need some new bags!
Thank you for reading! HUGS!! <3

utorok 1. novembra 2011

Halloween Lolita Meet up

Hello everyone! ^^
Just a few fotos from our little halloween meet up!

and Sysa

 We made a little photoshoot on the historical graveyard and in a small park nearby. It was quite cold, so after a while we moved to a small pancake restaurant.

My hairstyle was quite messy after a while, but originally those were hairbuns with eye bows I made. xD 

The whole outfit is offbrand. I tried my best to create something halloween-able from my tiny sweet  wardrobe.

I hope you liked it and thank you for reading! ^^

pondelok 31. októbra 2011

Frankie the Pumpkin

Hello again! ^.^

Just a quick post to show you my pumpkin!

He's name is Frankie. I like him very much ^.^

For his nose and cheek I used a heart-shaped cookie cutter.

Do you have a pumpkin for Halloween too? I would like to know! ^^ Thank you for your time x)

Preparing for Halloween part 3

Hello my darlings!
This is my last Haloween project before Halloween will officially start.I enjoyed crafting for this holiday so much, that I'm thinking about another amazing project with monster, zombie and sugar skull theme. I have so many ideas, but sadly no time for realization x(
But to the project!

I found this old bone hand ~>

Perfect for Halloween isn't it? ^^

I took tiny piece of lace and tulle,

gather tulle to a ruffle,

and sew it in the bottom of lace. We have a tiny wirstcuff for our bone hand! ^^

Sticked our wirstcuff to the bone hand and added bows,

And here we have a new brooch, perfect for skirt like an "pervy hand" xD
Thank you for reading!

sobota 29. októbra 2011

Preparing for Halloween part 2

Hello there!
Here I am with my second halloween idea! ^^ Today we're going to make hairbows with spooky eyes! I saw something like that on the internet and I love that idea, especially with hairbuns! 
For bows I used an old black velvet tanktop again, thicker white thread and of course pins and needles.
Eyes are made of fimo. 

Here we go!

Here is the tank top. This one is too short for me too and I did't wear it for ages.

I cut it in sewed parts for easier work with it. Than I measured cca 22x7 cm and marked it with pins. 

Put bottom hem away for later and cut first piece out.

Than lay it on the fabric, pin it and cut out another piece.

It does't matter if they aren't perfect, because now we're gonna sew edges the way I used on our tissue pocket.

I used thicker thread and thicker needle to make it more visible.

It looks a bit better x)

Fold in halves inside out and sew ends together.

Now we have a short tunnel which we're gonna tie in the middle.

Take a little piece of our bottom hem,

and sew it in the middle. The bow is done! ^^

For our eyes...I took two huge and four small white balls, two green, two brown, two yellow and two black.

First, I mixed green, brown and yellow together into small balls and flatten them a bit.

Put black balls on it and flatten them too.

Last ones are the white balls.

Now take something smooth and plastic and push it on the eyes lightly. This way you stick everything together better and also smooth your finger prints.

Put green iris part on the white balls and bake as described.

Glue eyes on the bows and we're finished! 

Here are they worn. It's me, in my hallowen outfit! Can't wait to show you whole outfit ~^o^~

Thank you for reading!