nedeľa 25. septembra 2011

Pastel Raindrops ♪ Giveaway!

Giveawaaaay! At Mio's blog to celebrate more than 1000 followers. So many! 

I joined giveaway for a first time in my life! But sadly I don't have enough luck in these things and I didn't win anything yet xD  

Anyhow I would feel lucky for anyone who will win. All those pretty things ~>
  • A pair of hand painted sneakers, made in the winner's size
  • Handmade 2-way bow you can either wear as brooch or as a haiclip
  • Lovely goodies from Cute Can Kill! A shooting star necklace, rainbow ring and a button
  • Cute Rilakkuma earphones
  • A lip ring, a Mighty Harajuku button and a Spank button
  • Eyemazing Harajuku Doll lashes #501 designed by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
Woah! So many!
You can find this GA here ~>

Be sure to join until October 31st 2011! 

If you didn't know Mio yet, please check her blog here:
and her  youtube channel here:  ( sadly she doesn't makes videos very often, but they all are absolutely cute and inspiring)
She's one of my biggest inspirations (more in my 7th Lolita Chalege Day ;)! You need to see her room tour!

Good luck to everyone!

Back from Vacation

Hello my cutees! ^^

I wasn't here for long time! How were you doing? Yesteray I came back from sunny Gran Canaria, it was great holiday, best after school beginning xD

 If you will ever have chance to visit this island I absolutely recomment it to you! Atlantic ocean was surprisely not as cold as I expected and whole island is very varied. Dry hills with only rocks, cactus and prickly pears on the one side, and fresh forests and mountains with rain and fog on the other side.

That white thing above the hill is not a snow or a cloud. It's a fog falling from the other side of the hill! It was so wonderful!

Other great thing! In the store under our hotel they sold the best chocolate in the world ~> Cadbury Dairy Milk! I tasted this chocolate only once, on my trip in England, but it was love for a first bite! Of course, I brought home some more, dunno when I'll have chance eat it again...Dairy Milk! WHY Y U NO HERE?!

 Other thing I brougt with me is pretty cold, so I stay in bed as much as possible. But that gave me idea for a new article, so I hope I'll be able to write it soon. 
Btw. prepare for few new lolita purchases, because our group order from Taobao arrived! ^^
I think that's all for now. I hope your weekend is great and fun!

Take care! <3

pondelok 5. septembra 2011

30 Day Lolita Challenge -> Day 6

Internet ~>What would I do without it? Mostly because lolita fashion is from abroad, and without internet I wouldn't know much about it. Thank you egl comm., lolita handbook and hello lace for useful informations, mostly in my beginning! x)

Crafting ~> It somehow goes together with lolita, to me. Maybe because I make especially lolita accessories (I mean cute and colorfull stuff which I wear mostly with my lolita outfits...ther's probably any specific lolita accessory)  I wear them with my "normal" clothes as well! ^^

Bows ~> I can't imagine any good enough replacement for them. Love them forever to death!

Acccessories ~> In my opinion good lolita outfit without accessories, just can't be good. Can you imagine wearing only a dress with shoes? No head peace? No wirstcuffs or bracelets? Any purse!? There's no way it can be right (!!! xD)

Confidence ~> To wear lolita (or any other uncommon clothes) in public, is confidence like "musthave". Real one, or fake one. Personaly I take all those nasty comments and weird stares badly, so I try to block myself with headphodes in my ears, reading book in the bus or just looking other way and pretending that nobody's there.

Loli Friend ~> I would probably talk with myself all the time. Or annoy other people, who don't care, or don't understand whut the hell Imma talking about all the time xD I'm so thankful for those few lolita friends I have. Luv ya <3 ^^

egl_comm_sales ~> All the clothes I have is secondhand from there. That's why.

Inspiration ~> Almost everywhere. Books, movies, old clothes, toys...and of course other beautiful lolitas all over the world! If you keep your eyes open, you can find something amazing in everything.

Fake Eyelashes  ~> I love how different eyes look with them! It gives such a dolly, girly, cute, whatever look. I would wear them every day!I just don't have any glue right now... ;__;

Cute Handbags ~> I tend to carry with me a lots of stuff, so to have a cute and refillable enough bag  is just obligation!

Thank you for reading!
Take care <3

sobota 3. septembra 2011

Nostalgic cuteness

So funny. It seems like yesterday when I went to grandparents'  to have fun, cooking in  "summer kitchen" flower soups, playing with my favourite toys, watching grandpa painting and modeling from clay...
Nowadays I go to grandparents'  because it's my every year habit. I try to visit them as often as I still can, because honestly, we all are not here forever. But all that magic from back then is away. We just sit and watch TV with grandma,or I discuss with grandpa art and we watch some how to's on YouTube. It's somehow nice too, but I miss that feeling when I was child and grandmas house was my kingdom full of toys and entertainment.
(oh...maybe growing up depression?! o__O)
Anyhow, when we did cellar cleaning with grandma I found my old things. Some toys, baby clothes and so on...I thought it's a pitty that all those pretty thing are here alone and unused for such a long time and it would be nice to give it second chance. I took with me few of them and I plan to run some DIY series with those old things, and maybe then even more! ^^ 
So here we go! 

This is old carousel pony! Nice to meet you. 

And this is my glue gun (and silly me xD)! I love this toy so much! Makes almost everything much more easier.

I found some ribbons and a ring, glued everything together and...Voila! ^^

Maybe I will change that bow later, but I think it's not that bad yet. 
Anyhow I hope you like this idea ~> making old cute things into new cuter ones! and I'm looking forwar for next project! 

See you next time ^^ and take care!

štvrtok 1. septembra 2011

30 Day Lolita Challenge -> Day 5

 Hello! Today I'm gonna show you my dream items! I don't actually have any wishlist, because I like almost
 every peace from my favourite brands and I would be happy for anything. But here are few things that I would love to own mostly. Maybe next year when I will finally find some part-time job! x)

1. AP Milky-chan of the fawn ribbon JSK in brown

This is my absolutely most wanted dress! It's so cute and variable! I would love to have whole set in brown.

2. Metamorphose Fairy Tale JSK in levander

This dress is so dreamy. Just like from a fairytale! I found it not long ago, but it was love at first sight! I hope I will be able to get it one day!

 3. BTSSB Unico in Bloomland JSK in pink

This summer I was seriously thinking about my first order directly from brand. This dress is just LOVE! Simple, soft and filled with uniceorns! I love unicorns so much! World needs more unicorn prints. ^^

4. AP sweet engineer boots in pink

I love rainboots very much! And these boots look somehow like rainboots in the cutest possible way! Must have!

5. BTSSB El Dorado Applique JSK in black

Another pony print ^^. It's so simple! Perfect for casual. Maybe skirt should be very nice too.

6. Inocent World Lotta JSK in brown

My favourite dress from IW. It looks like classical version of Milky chan xD I love it!

7. Tea Party shoes in every colour

It would be my cutest collection ever! I love Tea Party shoes! I can imagine them with almost every outfit. I hope to get my pink ones soon... ~˘o˘~

8. AP Wondertrip coat in black

This coat reminds me somehow Sherlock Holmes. But in kinda cuter version x) 

9. BTSSB Umbrella in white

With our "luck" for nice weather at the meet ups, we concurred ourselves,  that to invest into burando umbrella won't be out of place. I think that classic Baby umbrella is just best! 

10. AP Angelic School rucksack in pink

 This is how looked my dream school bag, when I went to 1st class.And still I think my bag should look like this! x)

I'm done with my dream list! I hope you liked it and maybe found some inspiration or something similar to your sense. Thank you HelloLace and Google for pictures! ^^

Bye bye! See you next time!
Take care <3