nedeľa 26. februára 2012

New Petticoat and Salopette Progress

Hey hou! ^^
 How are you doing?
I feel quite bad, cause I'm ill again ˘__˘ but I do my best to get well again until  Thursday, because I plan to do a little Tea Party! ^^

After long time I finished my pink petticoat! ^^ YAY! 
First it was supposed to be an Fairy Kei skirt, but than I realized that it stands out too much and it's pretty strong to hold a skirt, so it's an FairyKeiPetticoat right now xD

I plan to add there some cute little lace, or ribbon on the ends, because the tulle which is made of is pretty hard and hurts my legs.

My salopette is still not done yet, because I started only on Friday.  ˘__˘

But I think that it would be done soon (at least the skirt part).  
I know have a real mess in my room xD but I call it "creative organized mess" ^^

 I made some cute wirst cuffs too ^^ 

They will match my salopette perfectly. ~^__^~ I can't wait to wear it all together.

Maybe I should add some pearl chain to them..dunno yet o,..,O
 Everything is in process!
Thank you for reading! 
Have a nice weekend!

piatok 3. februára 2012

All those beautiful salopette

This morning, I woke up as usual, made myself a healthy breakfast (not as usual) and turned my computer on. Of course, like every time lately, my first click was on egl_comm_sales xD (I feel so bad for that) and I saw something so damn cute for sale!

It's not like I didn't see it before. I already saw lots of them on official webside, and also worn on the internet. It just didn't catch my attention like today. xD First, I wanted to buy it, but then I stopped myself that I have to save money.
So, I spent a little more time looking at them....

...and finally I decited to make one myself! ^^

I don't really know how, and how the result will look like, but I  know how it should look like and that's important!
 I already bought some fabric, laces, ribbons and buttons in mint x dark pink colors.

I'm looking forward to make this dress!
Fingers crossed  >__<